Gustavo Penha

📷 Delft, NL

I am a PhD candidate at TU Delft on the topic of conversational search and recommendation under the supervision of Claudia Hauff. I have BSc and MSc degrees from the department of Computer Science of UFMG, where I was supervised by Rodrygo Santos. I worked as a data scientist for 3 years in Hekima, which was later bought by iFood. I recently interned at Amazon’s Alexa Shopping team, with Eyal and Vanessa.

My main research interests in the fields of NLP and IR are:

  • Improving neural ranking models
  • Understanding model behaviour
  • Conversational search evaluation

I am looking for research internship posistions for 2022 in the fields of NLP, IR and ML. You can find a list of selected publications below, or all of them on my google scholar.

selected publications

  1. EACL
    On the Calibration and Uncertainty of Neural Learning to Rank Models for Conversational Search
    Penha, Gustavo, and Hauff, Claudia
  2. RecSys
    What does BERT know about books, movies and music? Probing BERT for Conversational Recommendation
    Penha, Gustavo, and Hauff, Claudia
  3. RecSys 🏆 best paper RU
    Exploiting Performance Estimates for Augmenting Recommendation Ensembles
    Penha, Gustavo, and Santos, Rodrygo
  4. ECIR
    Curriculum Learning Strategies for IR: An Empirical Study on Conversation Response Ranking
    Penha, Gustavo, and Hauff, Claudia


Slides for the Glasgow IR seminar on 10 May 2021: