Delft, Netherlands

I am a PhD student at TU Delft doing research on conversational search under the supervision of Claudia Hauff. I have BSc and MSc degrees from the Department of Computer Science (DCC) of UFMG - under the supervision of Rodrygo Santos. Before joining the PhD, I worked with machine learning and data science projects for 3 years at Hekima.

Recently, my research has focused on models for information-seeking conversations. We created a novel dialogue corpus of information-seeking conversations which has a few properties previous datasets lack. We also developed and studied neural rankers inspired by techniques such as domain adaptation, curriculum learning and slice-based learning.

Before joining the PhD, my research was focused on performance prediction, i.e. predicting the effectiveness of models, for recommendation, document classification and adhoc retrieval (ECIR’19, Master thesis). When I was an undergrad I did research on scientific collaboration networks (JCBS, Scientometrics).